Expression. Creativity. Business.

Whether I’m the only one that has struggled with something like this or not, I’m not sure, but I’ve always found it a challenge to discover a way to mix both my personal creative interests and professional working life.

As of recently though, that’s no longer a problem. Since I’ve started writing on my blog it’s become a great way for me to simply share little snippets of my thought process, and along with the writing, I’ve also found my taste in street photography during my free time.

Combining both of these areas together really allows me to express in a way that helps my personal and professional interests meet together so that they don’t clash, I finally feel like I’ve hit that sweet spot in expressing myself whilst staying true to my own interests and professional working lifestyle.

Expression is so important and once you create that perfect formula where you can feel free to express how you want, through what ever medium you want, that’s where happiness is found.

Creative Limitations

When starting out as a creative I was unsure in the direction and path I wanted to take. I didn’t know if designing logos was my area, if creating print artwork for nightclubs was where I belonged or if photography was my life long dream and I just didn’t know it yet, the choices was endless.

I decided to speak to a few different people in the creative areas I had interests in and I started to notice that they was all telling me the same thing, which was "don’t try and do everything, specialise in only one area".

Being a new creative, I believed them and took the information on board, being the hyperactive, knowledge craving, new born creative I once was but months and even years passed and that information those people gave me, started to fade away in the back of my mind and become more and more irrelevant to my own vision and goals.

Maybe for what those guys had in mind and for their own career plan that was what made sense but for me, I became a creative because I love to express, create and input my imagination into the world, I decided to travel the creative path so I could feel free, not limit myself and make myself feel trapped to one certain area.

I believe being a creative is all about feeling free in your work, creating and working in the areas you enjoy and have a passion for.

This idea of restricting yourself to one certain area doesn’t make sense to me, maybe to others but I think if I want to design a logo one day, shoot some photography the next and then create a music artists album cover the week after, I’ll do that because that’s what I enjoy and that’s the type of creative I am.

Never stop learning, do more of what you enjoy and remain the creative hustler that you are !

Bierkeller MCR

So it’s been around two weeks since I’ve started working as in-house photographer for Manchester based Bar & Nightclub Bierkeller and it’s been going well.

Nightclub photography is one of those areas where at first it seems daunting. You think, here’s me by myself with my camera and here I am surrounded by all these loud, drunk and partying people. The simple solution to over coming that feeling is getting deep into the crowds and treating it like your own night out. Only this time you have a job to do, take photos and show people having a good time, once you grow used to the surroundings and situations it becomes rather enjoyable.

I’ve started a collection over on my Behance portfolio where I’m showing some of the shots I’ve captured during my time working with Bierkeller, I’ll be updating this from time to time so feel free to check back and see what’s been happening at Bierkeller !

Checkout the shots here.


These past few weeks have been so action packed and productive, it’s been non-stop working & planning and even though to some that may sound like hard work or exhausting, I really enjoy it, but that’s probably a big part to do with that it involves something I love, being creative !

Today, I’ll be travelling down to London for a few days and whilst there I’ll be handling a little fashion & style photography for a fashion blogger I know as well as in our down time, exploring, relaxing and enjoying the good vibes !

I’m so thankful to have a creative talent, it takes me to some really great places and introduces me to some really cool people.

There’s no better job satisfaction of being able to be creative, travel, meet good people and know that your putting a little piece of yourself and your imagination into the word through your work.

Stay creative, never stop learning !