Stock Visuals

Photography is something I’m passionate about, whether it’s for a commissioned project or simply just walking around, exploring with my camera, taking shots of what’s going on around me.

For those that don’t already know, I offer stock photography bundles through my Creative Market store. At the moment, there’s just the one stock photography pack available, which is a Football/Soccer photo pack called “Soccer Hype”.

Although just the one at the moment, I’ve got many plans for future releases, especially with my attendance of London Fashion Week coming up. I’m sure I’ll be able to put together a pretty cool and creative concept whilst there !

Since I create these resources for other creatives to use, it’s always good knowing what the community would like to see next, so if you would like to make any creative suggestions, please feel free to drop me a mention on Twitter or fire over a message through Tumblr.

Stay creative !

Bierkeller MCR

So it’s been around two weeks since I’ve started working as in-house photographer for Manchester based Bar & Nightclub Bierkeller and it’s been going well.

Nightclub photography is one of those areas where at first it seems daunting. You think, here’s me by myself with my camera and here I am surrounded by all these loud, drunk and partying people. The simple solution to over coming that feeling is getting deep into the crowds and treating it like your own night out. Only this time you have a job to do, take photos and show people having a good time, once you grow used to the surroundings and situations it becomes rather enjoyable.

I’ve started a collection over on my Behance portfolio where I’m showing some of the shots I’ve captured during my time working with Bierkeller, I’ll be updating this from time to time so feel free to check back and see what’s been happening at Bierkeller !

Checkout the shots here.


These past few weeks have been so action packed and productive, it’s been non-stop working & planning and even though to some that may sound like hard work or exhausting, I really enjoy it, but that’s probably a big part to do with that it involves something I love, being creative !

Today, I’ll be travelling down to London for a few days and whilst there I’ll be handling a little fashion & style photography for a fashion blogger I know as well as in our down time, exploring, relaxing and enjoying the good vibes !

I’m so thankful to have a creative talent, it takes me to some really great places and introduces me to some really cool people.

There’s no better job satisfaction of being able to be creative, travel, meet good people and know that your putting a little piece of yourself and your imagination into the word through your work.

Stay creative, never stop learning !

The Power of Talk

It’s crazy how a simple action or conversation in your daily errands can lead to so much possibility and open up some new network channels in your life, without you even expecting it.

Earlier today, I passed through the City Gents barber shop in Manchester for a quick haircut as I’ll be in London this week for some photography work and want to look up to standards, appearance can count for a lot.

Anyway, without me getting side tracked too much I got speaking to Paul who was the person dealing with my hair, the conversation started as normal such as “what have you been doing” and the usual, which lead me to telling him about the recent photography work I’ve been doing, he was interested to know more so I talked him through the basics of how I got started as a creative, typical projects I handle and so on, it was a good conversation and some great knowledge was exchanged both ways.

After the hair cut and conversation was over I ended up leaving the shop with some cool possible opportunities, which include shooting some photography for his hair dresser & barbers portfolio as well as a possible contact he may be able to pass me onto for projects.

So what originally started out as any ordinary day for a hair cut actually lead to that and more and I made a possibly valuable contact for the future !

If you’re in the Manchester City Centre area and need a haircut I recommend you pass through City Gent sometime and see Paul, cool individual and down to earth !

The Resident

I’ve got some rather cool news to announce regarding my photography work and I wanted this post to have a cool, catchy and in your face title but I just can’t think of one so I’ll settle for something simple I guess.

Earlier today, I was invited to a meeting at a bar called Bierkeller in the Printworks area of Manchester, they’ve offered me the role of official residential photographer for their bar and it’s events and I’ll actually be starting as of tomorrow.

It’s just a little weekend night work but none the less it’s going to be a real cool experience and no doubt lead to more exciting opportunities in the future for myself and my creativity.

Looking forward to starting this role, I love the places creativity takes me !

JD Sports Store Promotion

Yesterday for those that don’t know, I was invited to head to Nottingham along with the JD promotional street team and capture photos of the store promotion event they held.

The event went well, the vides were good and everybody had a great time, there was a DJ in store performing a set as well as a professional break dancer, beat boxer and football freestyler, who also happens to be my creative buddy Oliver Hayes, oh and as part of their promo campaign, a lucky winner had the chance to win free trainers for a year !

Throughout the day I grabbed shots of everything that was going on such as product shots, shots of everybody doing their performances, the DJ and also customers shopping.

For those that want to see how the shots and event turned out, head over to my Behance portfolio where you will be able to see a selection of the shots I captured !