Productive Weekends

You’ve just got to love those productive vibes and productive days, that’s all I’ve been about this weekend, firstly with the launch of my new visual over on Vimeo titled “MCR” which is a short visual giving you a look into a day around Manchester, my home city !

As well as releasing a new short visual, I was also honoured to be invited along to an event in Manchester at the Trafford Centre that was being hosted by Puma & JD Sports. I was asked to roll along to the event because my friend Oliver Hayes was showing off his football talent and my role was to document and film the whole event.

The vibes was good yesterday, it was so much fun to film Oliver showing off his football Tekkers as well as filming kids and families taking part and having fun with the activity Puma & JD Sports has put on for people throughout the day.

I’m currently chopping up all the clips and getting everything edited so you can expect to see that visual releasing on my Vimeo very soon, I can’t wait to show this one off to everybody !

That’s a Rap !

For those that don’t know already, I upgraded my Canon SLR last week to something that will allow me to shoot film as well as Photography, as I’ll be using my Vimeo account a lot more as a way to share stories, spread good vibes and create.

Today, I was out in Manchester filming some last bits around the city for my first motion visual that I will be releasing this Saturday, I’m real excited, it’s all about expression and good vibes. I’m not sure which part was more fun, shooting the visuals or digging through Soundcloud for hours trying to find the perfect background music, it’s also funny how people open up so easily and want to know what your doing when they see you with your camera haha !

Be sure to look out for the update this weekend here on my Tumblr website, this is my first visual that’s been filmed and edited by myself and it’s the start of many more to come, I’ve got many ideas and stories to share with the world.

Live good and live good !

Motion Visuals & Good Vibes

Last week I decided to upgrade my Canon SLR camera from the trusty 1000D to the 550D, the reason for this is because I wanted something that could offer film as well as photos, not to mention it’s also a good investment because now I’m able to offer clients both photography and video services.

Without getting too off topic though, I’ll be using my Vimeo account a lot more in the future to display client projects and also my own personal work. Personal film work that I’ll be posting will be based around the things that I enjoy on a day-to-day basis such as exploring with friends, attending music events, bike rides and pretty much just living live and enjoying myself.

Aside from working for clients, film work to me will be another way to simply express and tell stories, just like how I’ll tell a story through writing, taking a photo or designing.

It’s all about expressing through the things you love and enjoy !

Fashion Expo 2014 x Event City

This weekend has been so crazy, that’s to say the least when it comes to the Manchester Fashion Expo event that was held at Event City, October 11th - 12th.

Everything was so last minute for myself, I hadn’t realised that you was able to book stands at the event, so when I did finally notice this, it was kind of too late. I had to fire an email across the day before in hope that something will turn up.

Luckily, I got the call late on the Friday night ( the day before the event weekend ) and somebody had actually cancelled their stand booking, which meant I had around 2-3 hours that night to get down to the event location and set everything up, all of which was done by myself ( I’m so proud of that ). At the event, I was promoting my freelance Graphic Design & Photography business as well as selling some of my store merchandise.

The event was a great experience and it definitely opened my eyes to many different things, especially as somebody that has a goal to run their own freelance creative business.

The event shown me how important it is to have a presence both online and offline, it also shown me that talking with others and networking is a powerful skill set and also an essential one, as I got speaking with some very cool people and made some great and hopefully valuable connections for the future.

Here’s to more industry events in the future !