For The People

As a creative, I’ve always loved the feeling I receive when people can relate and connect with what I’m about, whether that’s through my photography work, design work, an item on my web store or simply a piece of writing here on my website.

On my web store, I’ve just reduced the price of my Hustle Snapback Collection from £25 to £15 and some might think that’s crazy but there’s a perfectly good reason for me doing so.

The reason for this is that I don’t want to take the same route of some modern day fashion lines where they seem so caught up in greed and profit but instead, I want to create products for the world that are of high quality, spread a message, look great and are easily affordable and accessible for people.

This is more about the love of creating and people connecting with the messages and designs I’ve got to share with the world not to also mention connecting more people together since that’s where it all begins, with the people !

Kill Your Fear

Many of us have something we are afraid of, some fears are bigger than others and some fears are smaller than others, the question is, why do we fear things so badly ?

Since starting out as a creative, I’ve had this thought in the back of my mind that likes to speak up from time to time, it’s usual words are "what if" and it likes to make its appearance when I assume all is going well.

What if this doesn’t happen, what if that doesn’t happen, these are usual questions people ask themselves when they want to do something new and that’s natural, but we can’t let that stop us and get in our way of achieving everything we’re capable of achieving.

Even as I’m typing up this post, I’m thinking to myself, what if nobody reads this, what if nobody cares, but the thing is I know somebody will read it, I know there’s at least one person out there this post will help and maybe even restore motivation for, and if not, it will help me, as my blog is a reference of all my own thoughts and interests.

The truth is, fears and doubts only exist within our own minds and we will never know how great or successful an idea could truly be without simply making an attempt at it. Maybe at the start there’s some problems and things don’t go as smooth as we imagined but that’s nothing to worry about as every idea is simply a journey of progress and we fix and improve things as we go along.

To achieve anything great, to succeed with anything in life, you simply need to make a start, have faith in yourself and be determined enough to ride it out through the times of good and bad.